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Financial Assistance

In the Fall 2023 term, 73% of students enrolled in UK Online programs received some form of financial aid.* We strongly encourage students to explore all their available financial aid options.

*includes loans, grants, work study, scholarships, assistantships and fellowships

Important Note About Certificates: It’s important to note that if you are ONLY enrolled in a certificate program, federal financial aid is not available. To receive federal aid/loans, you must be enrolled in a degree-bearing program.


Most of the scholarships available to in-person students are also available to online students. We encourage students to review and apply to scholarships for which they qualify once per year.


Assistantships are awarded to students enrolled in graduate-level programs. This includes Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Graduate Assistants. These are assigned at the program level at the discretion of the program, and are subject to availability. Your program director can best inform you about assistantships available in your program.


Several fellowships are available through the Graduate School for students enrolled and seeking a degree in a graduate program. Each fellowship has different eligibility criteria.Students who expect to receive financial aid should contact their financial aid counselor to find out what impact a fellowship award will have on an aid package before accepting the fellowship.


Students who are seeking a degree and are enrolled in an online program are eligible for federal and private loans. Learn about the different types of loans available and how to apply on the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships website.


Pell grants offer students seeking an undergraduate degree assistance that does not need to be repaid. Learn about these options on the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships website.

Work Study

There are opportunities for federal work study, which offers part-time employment to students to help meet college costs, and if possible, provide work experience in their related field. Students should inquire with their program director if opportunities exist in their department that would meet their needs. All open positions are listed on the UK jobs website (search “FWS” in the listing of open positions.)

Employer Education Benefits

Ask if your employer offers any financial assistance when pursuing a higher degree or specialized training. If you are an employee of UK, you can read more about your tuition benefits on the HR website.

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