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Online Learning Experience

Online learning empowers individuals to acquire knowledge and skills in a personalized and accessible manner.

Online programs offered by the University of Kentucky provide students with quality education and flexible formats that allow them to balance their work/life needs. Degrees earned from UK’s online programs do not denote “online” on student diplomas or transcripts. Online programs carry the same recognition as UK’s on-camps programs.

Advantages of UK Online

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High-Quality Instruction

The University of Kentucky employs experienced and qualified instructors who provide rigorous and engaging coursework, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education.

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Wide Range of Programs

The University of Kentucky offers a diverse selection of online degree programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, providing students with many options for pursuing their academic goals.

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The University of Kentucky's online programs are designed to be flexible, allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can be particularly beneficial for working professionals or students with other commitments.

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Student Support

The University of Kentucky provides robust student support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and technical support, to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed.

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The University of Kentucky's online programs are accessible to students from around the world, allowing individuals to pursue a high-quality education regardless of their location or other circumstances.

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Cost Effective

Online learning tends to be cost-effective, as it eliminates expenses related to commuting, room and board, and fees often assessed to on-campus students.

Online learning that fits your life

With more than 80+ undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate programs offered 100% online, you can choose the path to success that’s right for you.
See how online learning works for our students.

"Excellent! The professors are top-notch, very caring, and experienced educators. They are also intentional and available, especially in guiding the students. The quality is equal to or better than the traditional courses."


Albert Kalim

Ph.D., Education

"I'm a working mother of 3 children and it has been amazing to be able to complete this program online. I would not be able to complete the program if I had to do it in person."


Stacy Falvey Underwood


"I learned skills that apply to my job as a nonprofit manager. The professors were well-versed in the subject matter. I enjoyed learning from the other students."


Dana Cox Nickles

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

"I have enjoyed the flexibility as a part time student with a full time job. It was easy to work around class and be there on time."


Marci Adams

Masters in Marketing

"Attending classes online has given me the opportunity to managed my non-profit organization while balancing the duties of being a mom. Although I am online I have been able to build a supportive community with other students within my program."


La'Shardae Scott


"This program was truly wonderful, and I learned so much from it. From contract law to graphic design, advocacy to community engagement, this program really provided a wide assortment of courses that directly apply to careers in the arts."


Erika Danielle Finley

MA Arts Administration

Different Online Learning Modalities

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Fully Online

Programs denoted as fully online can be completed 100% remote, and mostly asynchronously. Any live lectures or events are communicated to students in advance (usually bi-weekly or less). These courses offer the most flexibility for students to fit the requirements of their program into their schedule.

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Online with In-person Requirements

Programs denoted as online with in-person requirements will conduct class online (usually asynchronously) and will have additional components of the program that require students to present in person at a specific location (either a lab/classroom, or an internship in the community). Please note, internship locations must be approved to ensure compliance with licensure and authorization rules.

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Online in Real-time

Programs denoted as online in real-time will have classes that occur synchronously, meaning students will have to attend that class at the prescribed time. These types of classes are often facilitated over Zoom, and often will require student participation. These classes are communicated in advance through the class syllabus, or through instructor announcements.

Technological Requirements

Most students are able to be successful in their classes with a basic computer and high-speed internet access.

Review minimum recommendations and guidelines for computer and Internet connections at the University of Kentucky on the Student Hardware & Software Guidelines page.

Students utilize the Canvas platform for accessing their course content, uploading assignments, completing exams, etc. View a Canvas introductory tutorial to see how it works. Most courses are asynchronous, meaning you work at your own pace to complete assignments in accordance to the course syllabus and schedule. Some courses/programs may require live webinars or lectures, in-person internships or practicums, in-person training sessions, etc. Check your program page for more information.

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